Health Tips

The Greater Meaning

The Greater Meaning: The TaiJi symbol of Yin and Yang is a Mandala of the highest order. It represents the duality that is perceived in the phenomenal world we experience each day - the duality of corresponding opposites. The poles of a magnet, night and day, male and female, the positive and negative of the… Continue reading The Greater Meaning

East Asian Medicine

The Movement of Medicine

At its most fundamental level, East Asian Medicine is about health and wellness. It is about harmony and balance in all matters of life. As such, there are multiple ways this balance is accomplished. Since ancient times, even preceding the knowledge and use of acupuncture, the ancients practiced physical movements associated with breathing. These have come down to… Continue reading The Movement of Medicine


Food As Medicine

East Asian Medicine The role of food for health and treating illness is extremely important. It is the third branch of the medicine. It is more important than herbs or acupuncture for many internal and external conditions. One must first determine the nature of the problems before determining the remedy. Foods Have Thermal Properties This… Continue reading Food As Medicine

Back Problems

Back Pain

The effectiveness of acupuncture in treating back pain is a frequently asked question. The relative effectiveness depends on the nature of the problem. Back pain can be the result of a problem originating in: internal organs (like the kidneys) the spine structural misalignment or soft tissues (such as a muscle) The majority of pains originate in… Continue reading Back Pain