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21 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Ted is clearly an expert. During acupuncture sessions he explains what he’s doing and why, and he frequently offers suggestions for exercises and diet to help manage symptoms as well. I highly recommend his services.

    I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for years. Even when I wore wrist braces to bed, I woke up with my forearms and fingers tingling, throbbing in pain, “burning”, or simply numb. I was leery of trying acupuncture but after reading all the testimonials, decided to give ACA a try. It doesn’t hurt, and even a fidgeter like me can relax and enjoy the sessions. I was surprised at how quickly my symptoms reduced and then cleared up — within about 6 months I had no more pain and no need to wear the braces. Now we’ve moved on to my new-found arthritis symptoms, and I’m already seeing improvement there as well.

  2. Thank you, Ted! My elbow tendinitis is cured and my lower back has never felt better. Your series of acupuncture treatments along with Guasha (eastern Chinese medicine) really worked. I’m amazed and truly grateful. Thank you again and again. Will connect with you for future treatments, if needed. I recommend your care towards health and wellness treatments to many. Thank you again.

  3. I am a breastfeeding/cosleeping mom of a 6 months old. I hurt my lower back and it goes all the way down to my left leg. I endured this nonstop acute pain for full ten days and I have to taking care of the baby 24/7 on top of it.

    I couldn’t get out of bed, I limp when I walked around the house to get things done and barely able to carry my baby. I was so hopeless and scared that I won’t be able to take care of her.

    Until I had an appointment with Ted today, he asked me questions about my back. He listened carefully and he knows what he’s doing. By the end of the appointment I was running up the hill from his office drive way all the way up to my husband car.

    When I got home I was able to carry my 18lbs baby while we dance and sing her nursery rhymes tv show for 30 mins. I’m so grateful that I have my life back again. Thank you Ted!

    My husband is a Purple Heart veteran and his back is junk! I’m sending him to Ted hopefully we could get an appointment by the end of next week.

  4. Ted has been treating me for the past six months and my quality of life has improved immeasurably! I was a Paratrooper in the military, I played semi-pro hockey for years. My back has had many traumas over my lifetime to include two ruptured disc’s, stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis, and a pinched nerve. The surgeons at a major hospital in Boston said there was no surgical option at this time but come back in 5 years or so. I was in constant pain. I could not lift anything beyond ten pounds. I could not exercise. My life was severely impacted. I was desperate! I tried a chiropractor suggested by a friend and it didn’t help. I tried a sports therapist who was successful with multiple friends and it didn’t help. I seemed to be getting worse. Then I tried acupuncture with Ted. I’m not 100% yet but I’m not in pain, I’m back to the gym, I’m riding my bikes, and I’m back in my spin classes. Thank you for my life back!! God bless…

  5. I have been going to Ted for almost 4 yrs. I suffer from sever migraines and I was recommended by a friend of my husband. I was skeptical of acupuncture, until I had my first appointment with Ted. I spent almost 2 hours for my first appointment. He not only listened to me but could understand the pain I was going through. I had sinus/deviated septum surgery about 9 years ago and have suffered with debilitating migraines, where I was calling out of work a lot. I went to a neurologist who basically brushed me off as it was nothing. When I went to see Ted, I went in to the office with a 10+ level migraine and left there at a 2 (headache). For some, that may not sound like much, but to be me that is a big relief and I felt amazing. I have dealt with pain for so long and Ted has helped me tremendously. I am forever thankful to Ted for helping me. He is amazing and I refer him to almost everyone I can.

  6. I can not say enough about the miracle of acupuncture and magic of Ted’s hands. After a freak accident with my lower back on a Saturday, I was in agonizing pain and a lot of discomfort. I emailed Ted to request an appointment and received a call back the next day on a Sunday!!! He was kind enough, and luckily available, to see me right away. Before the first treatment I was walking hunched over and with my knees bent due to pain. After the treatment I walked out feeling about 75% better than I did before the treatment. The next day, Monday, I returned for my second and last treatment and walked out upright with no discomfort or pain!!! On Wednesday, I was back out and ran 7 miles!

    Prior to seeing Ted on that first day, I went to ER to make sure nothing serious has happened. However, I was not examined, was not given any tests (Xray, MRI..), and was simply handed several prescriptions and sent on my way!!!

    If you have been suffering from aches and pains, and have tried other treatments unsuccessfully, acupuncture may be the treatment for you. Living with pain and discomfort is not normal, and we shouldn’t mask it with meds and shots, or reserve to surgical procedures if it can be treated with less invasive methods!!! I highly recommend giving Ted a call and trying acupuncture. It may be the miracle you have been waiting for!!!!

  7. It works for me every time. Ted Pappas cures. He has helped with so many things, from foot pain, shoulder pain, back pain and more. I recommend him to everyone.

  8. I am writing this for anyone who may be questioning whether they should go to see Ted. Go. Two months ago I had extreme pain in my lower back, I could not walk or stand for more than a few minutes. After only a few sessions of acupuncture, and Ted’s guidance on stretching, relaxing and his Sombra Warm Therapy Gel I am back on my feet. Now if I could only get a set of those Teflon Shoulders that he says I need, I’d be all set. Thanks Ted.

  9. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ted and being his patient for over 24 years. When I was pregnant with both my children (currently 18 and 23 years old), I suffered back spasms from the all weight I carried in front. My primary care doctor could do little to nothing for me for the pain. After seeking an alternative solution, I found Ted. Throughout both my pregnancies, he successfully helped me with my back pain. After giving birth to my youngest son, I again needed his assistance with back pain. Driving home from Beth Israel with my newborn, I called Ted. Within a day of coming home and seeing Ted – I was once again myself. From time to time – today being one of those days, I call for an appointment and ask for help. I am always amazed that usually even before I leave his office I feel relief!!!!!

    Ted is wonderful – I can’t say enough nice things about him. He is a gentle, kind, soft spoken and compassionate man who truly cares about his patients.

    Thank you Ted for all your help throughout the years!!

  10. Ted has done wonders over the years, from treating skin alignments to helping me recover from a nasty tib/fib break in my lower leg. Not only do I receive top notch treatment, I always learn something to try in helping me improve my overall well-being. My health is truly in a better place with the therapy I receive.

  11. A very dear friend of mine referred my partner to Ted a few years ago when he had amuscle spasm under his left shoulder blade – after a few session with ted, the muscle spasm finally subsided – he was back to “normal” and once again able to drive himself wherever he needed to go !

    A few weeks ago, I ended up with a muscle spasm in my left hip area that felt like a huge Charlie horse on steroids – I have never experienced so much pain in my life … I could not straighten my leg for the pain – it felt like a vice closing around my left thigh and across my left knee cap – HORRIBLE Pain !

    It took a couple of sessions, lots of prayers and all the patience and quiet energy that Ted projects before the stubborn spasm finally broke up and the pain subsided. If it wasn’t for Ted, I cannot imagine how my life would be today – I have never had that level of insane pain – thankfully he was able to get me in right away and took care of it !

    Thank you Ted for all your patient expertise – I feel brand new !

  12. Ted’s brand of acupuncture and overall healing has really been a positive improvement on my health and life. Not only do I feel a physical relief from his treatment he has given me the tools to keep on the healthy path and reduce my treatment sessions: Qi Gong exercises, breathing exercises, dietary suggestions, and a herbal lotion. His treatment proves to me that he is truly concerned with my healing. And that helps me feel good too!

  13. Ted is fabulous. I started acupuncture in February and it’s given me my life back. Prior to acupuncture I’d tried several medical approaches for chronic cramping and stomach issues – nothing seemed to work. Unsure where to turn next I ran across Acupuncture Center of Andover. Ted reached out immediately after my inquiry and saw me the next day. It’s been 6 months and I am light years ahead of where I was in February. My symptoms declined after the first two sessions. I can’t say enough about Ted’s professionalism, or thank him enough for all he has done. On top of being extremely knowledgeable he is compassionate and caring. He is a true gem and wise beyond his years. I can’t imagine getting treatment anywhere else.

  14. Acupuncture was new to me so I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised! It worked wonders on my lower back pain. Thanks Ted!!

  15. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ted! I visited him a few years back for Bells Palsy after not seeing results with the standard medical approach to this condition. As a matter of fact, my own MD suggested that I see Ted. Through several treatments and lots of encouragement from him, I’m back to my ‘ol self! I truly appreciate that you gave me back my smile, thanks again Ted.

  16. I never have tried Accupuncture before. I took a serious fall and was in excruciating pain and could barely walk. I called Accupuncture Center of Andover and spoke to Ted Pappas and he saw me the very same day. After my first session, I felt much less pain walking.
    Each session thereafter, I felt less and less pain. It was like a miracle to me. I NEVER experienced pain relief like this before. I would highly recommend Ted Pappas. He is a very talented man.
    This journey in healing I will use for the rest of my life!!

  17. Met Ted at the gym. Immediately recognized his gentle demeanor. A calm, peaceful put you at ease kind of guy. I mentioned that my hip & back muscles were very tight on the left side lately and that it’s been quite annoying.

    After only 2 sessions of Gwa Sha & Cupping (neither of which I’d ever heard of before), and some acupuncture (first time!), the whole upper left side of my back began to release. Nothing short of amazing!

    Since then, I’ve experienced greater range of motion. Still working through the left-side hip area. Experiencing better flexibility there as well. I’d recommend Ted to anyone.

    I especially enjoyed how Ted uses the time on the table to explain things clearly, offering some interesting historical facts as well as lil’ tidbits of humorous wisdom… AND helpful proactive ways to take care of myself! Thanks, Ted!

  18. Mr. Ted Pappas is truly gifted ! I had never tried acupuncture before but Mr. Ted Pappas and his professional, caring and knowledgeable treatment plus the results I have obtained from his care have convinced me that this is the answer for which I have been searching.

    After the first session, I felt much less pain and increased calm. The healing energy that Mr. Pappas exudes is palpable. I have never trusted any healthcare professional as I do Mr. Pappas. I would recommend Mr. Pappas to anyone and everyone. He is truly gifted and I’m so grateful for his care.

  19. Ted Pappas IS as good as it gets.

    Here’s a little background information:
    Former football player receives an ivy-league education on scholarship- hurts joint in sport- and gives it all up to become an acupuncturist? It’s true.

    He is the most gentle man I have ever met in my life. I began seeing him about 6 months after my mother began treatment with him. She had been experiencing chronic neck and lower back tension, in addition to decades worth of migraines under her belt and a duel against carpel tunnel. I have known Mr. Pappas for about 5, maybe 6 years. I began treatment while in highschool. I had always complained of my back aching from my sports endeavors, as well as neck tension.

    Both my mother and sister go to him, as well as about 90% of my mother’s coworkers. His professional, calming, sterile space (complete with a lobby, his office, and apprx. 4 rooms in which he does the sessions) lies under his own home. He is a family man; currently, his brother helps him keep the books. Mr. Pappas has one piece of artwork in particular, drawn and given to him by his son Walter, with the heading “My Dad”. It’s endearing.

    His scheduling is flexible, and he is extremely accommodating.

    He NEVER pushes his herbal remedies on you to buy, although he has plenty to offer if you are looking for a suggestion. He is sensitive to the issue of money, and never presses about it.

    Extreme professionalism matched with a genuine respect and concern for patients, Mr. Pappas is top-shelf. I respect this man more than most people I have ever met. I will forever be comparing acupuncturists to him, and, since I have moved to New York, I regret that I will never find one who measures up.

  20. Relief after 15 year old neck injury. My mother has been a patient here for years now, and regularly goes to this acupuncturist. She had a spinal chord injury that caused her to lose almost all neck movement, and after years of unsuccessful physical therapy, she regained much of her neck motion back after being treated by Mr. Pappas. I hear her highly recommending him to others on a regular basis.

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